IMG_7269 - copieUte grew up in Munich, Germany, where she started out in the fashion business
by doing a formation in mens and women tailoring.
Soon after she was hired by German Elle as a styling assistant.
Due to her natural understanding of fashion and her language skills she quickly
becomes a fashion editor and works with photographers such as Sarah Moon,
Jan Welters, Dominique Issermann, Thierry Le Goues, David Bailey, Peggy Sirota, Lothar Schmid,
Neil Kirk, Christophe Kuttner and Thiemo Sander…
Following her love she moves to Paris in 1993, still continuing to work for German Elle.
In 1998 she decides to become a freelance stylist and her clients include
international issues of Elle, Grazia, Amica, Myself, Diva, Soon, So Chic, Allegra.
There are new collaborations with Lucien Bor, Jean Francois Lepage, David Hamilton, Koto Bolofo,Monika Robl, Sara Fileti, Lionel Gasperini, Bruno Poinsard, Marc Philbert, Bruno Dayan
and others.
She styles celebrities like Monica Bellucci, Helena Bonham Carter, Diane Kruger,
Claudia Schiffer, Laetitia Casta and Sharon Stone.
Her inspirations come from movies of the “Nouvelle Vague”, alternative rock music
and youth culture.
Some of her advertising clients are Leonard, Rochas,L’Oreal, Darjeeling, Woolford,
Airfield, Louis Féraud.



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